5 Benefits of Sleep Dentistry


Sleep dentistry is a new way to treat patients that have a fear of going to the dentist for treatment. It provides anxiety-free dental care, which can lead to better overall treatment.

About 45 million people in the US have fears about going to the dentist. This can be caused because of a traumatic experience when they were younger, or just a general distaste for doctor’s offices. This is why we offer our sedation dentistry Las Vegas treatment option.

4 Levels of Sedation

  • Minimal: The patient will be relaxed but still awake
  • Moderate: Referred to as “conscious sedation”, you are still awake but less aware
  • Deep: Here, you are under deeper sedation, but can still be awoken if needed
  • General Anesthesia: You will be completely unconscious.

Benefit 1: Relaxed Visit

If you undergo any of the levels of sedation you will be able to take on treatment with much more relaxation. The sedation helps to calm your nerves. If you are extremely anxious then you can opt for a higher level of sedation (like moderate or deep).

Benefit 2: Responsible Regular Visits

The main reason scared patients do not visit is because of this phobia of being under the dental lights which someone working on their mouths. Sedation dentistry helps to calm the person about their visit so they feel less anxiety about coming in for regular visits.

Benefit 3: Better Treatment

When a patient is more relaxed, the dentist can then provide proper treatment. A tense or anxious patient tends to grip down on equipment, and be generally combative simply out of fear or anticipation. The sedation helps the patient to relax their mouths, and therefore can receive better treatment.

Benefit 4: Pain Free Dental Care

If you get moderate to deep sedation, you will likely feel very little pain, if any at all. The pain is what most people are afraid of, and therefore a Las Vegas sedation dentist can ease this pain through sedation therapy.

Benefit 5: Affordable

Although you are receiving an extra step in treatment, Sedation dentists typically do not charge that much more for it. The reason for this is simple: Dentists want happy patients. A sedated patient is also more compliant, which means that the treatment can actually occur faster. Every dentist wants a visit to stay on schedule so they don’t have a Waiting Room full of impatient customers.



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