All In One Visit? How CEREC Crown Technology is Transforming Dentistry Efficiency


If you’re like many people, you probably don’t enjoy going to the dentist over and over again just to complete one procedure. And if you have ever had to get a crown fitted, you know that it can be a long and drawn-out process, requiring multiple visits and often many weeks before the process is complete. However, thanks to new dental technology, some dental procedures such as dental crowns are becoming more and more efficient – and in some cases, these complex procedures that once took weeks can be completed in one visit.

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics (CEREC) is an emerging process that allows dentists to create dental crowns, in-house, using 3D technology. This means that you no longer have to wait weeks for a crown to be fitted and implanted – your crown can be created, fitted, and implanted during your visit. There are many benefits to CEREC technology and it is transforming dentistry in several ways.

CEREC technology offers many benefits for both patients and dentists alike. For patients, the biggest benefit is obviously the convenience factor. No longer do you have to make multiple trips to the dentist and wait weeks or even months for your new crown – with CEREC, you can get it done in just one visit. CEREC technology is helpful for patients who suffer from anxiety around dentist visits. Because the entire process is completed in-house and in one day, nervous patients can be calmed knowing they will only have to muster the courage to show up to one visit rather than several.

The CEREC process begins with digital imaging of a patient’s mouth. The dentist will take digital images of your teeth and gums using a special camera. These images are then converted into a three-dimensional (3D) model using the CEREC system. Once the model is created, the milling process can begin. During this process, the dentist will sculpt and color-match your crown(s) to ensure a perfect fit. Once the crown is milled, it is then ready to be fitted and implanted.

The crown is then bonded to the tooth after it has been sculpted and shaped by the dentist. All the last touches are done before the crown is secured over the prepared tooth. During this stage, it is critical to communicate with your dentist. In the unlikely event that the tooth isn’t a perfect match or fit, inform them of these concerns and continue re-fitting until it is a perfect fit. The dentist will make any required modifications to ensure that the new crown looks and feels as natural as the original tooth. The dentist will remove any extra ceramic and bonding agent after the crown is bonded, allowing the tooth to appear and feel as natural as possible.

CEREC also offers benefits for dentists. One of the biggest benefits is that it increases efficiency and productivity in the dental office. With CEREC, dentists can complete the crown fitting and implantation process in just one visit, which means they can complete more procedures and see more patients in a day.

CEREC technology offers many benefits for patients so be sure to ask your dentist if CEREC is an option for you. You may be surprised at how easy and convenient the process can be! Thanks to CEREC, getting a crown is now easier than ever before. Whether you’re a patient or a dentist, there are many reasons to love this new technology.

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