Avoid These Daily Habits that Permanently Damage Your Teeth


The popular belief that eating too much candy and sweets can ruin your teeth has been passed on from one generation to another. And as kids, most of us have dreaded the inevitable lecture about maintaining a good dental routine after trick-or-treat. Most of our patients at Vegas Smiles often opt for our Zoom Teeth Whitening for a quick and effective dental cleaning. For our patients who need to get rid of the cracks and deterioration as a consequence to binging sweets, our Las Vegas cosmetic dentist is an experienced practitioner of sedation dentistry. But while sweets have been scientifically proven to increase gum and tooth decay, there are apparently a number of innocent activities people normally do on a daily basis that do equal amounts of damage to the teeth.

Daily Normal Habits You Must Avoid

We are exposed to certain situations everyday that can potentially harm our teeth and cause irreparable damage. A study from the US National Library of Medicine states that exercising can cause poor oral health as it delays the production of saliva and makes it more alkaline. This alkaline saliva encourages growth of plaque bacteria which, as a result, increases chances of decaying of teeth. This consequences would definitely warrant a cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas.

Even drinking hot beverages, most especially coffee and tea, can cause extreme oral pain and can increase chances of gum recession. This is particularly evident to patients who experience tooth sensitivity which, according to Web MD, is an occurrence when the protective enamel of our teeth has grown thin. Others have suggested replacing tea with hot water and lemon but as healthy as it may sound, it also causes tooth erosion and must also be avoided. It has also been reported that regular swimming in a pool can risk the tooth enamel to erosion because of its chlorine. We offer various procedures in cosmetic dentistry at Vegas Smiles and have highly experienced and a Las Vegas best cosmetic dentist to help you get through a dental emergency. Dental implants can break due to these normal habits that is why we also offer CEREC Same Day Crowns for people who need to get their implants back in place in less than a day. But in order to decrease chances of losing or breaking a tooth, we also advise our patients to maintain good dental hygiene.

Seek Advice From A Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentist

When you have healthy teeth, you have a much better chance at having an amazing smile and a good amount of confidence. So if you think you may have ignored Dental Warning Signs Vegas Dentists Wants You To Never Ignore, schedule an appointment with us today at Vegas Smiles for a quick assessment. You can reach us by calling at (702)395-7200 or dropping by our clinic at 4343 North Rancho. You can also email us your concerns at info@vegassmiles.com to get information about service fees.

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