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Avoid These Daily Habits that Permanently Damage Your Teeth

The popular belief that eating too much candy and sweets can ruin your teeth has been passed on from one generation to another. And as kids, most of us have dreaded the inevitable lecture about maintaining a good dental routine after trick-or-treat. Most of our patients at Vegas Smiles often opt for our Zoom Teeth…
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Tested and Proven Oral Hygiene Tips from Your Local Vegas Dentist

Personal oral hygiene can only be maintained by regular visits to the dentist. Make sure to have your set of pearly whites taken cared of not just by anybody but by well-experienced medical professionals. Here in Vegas Smiles, we offer various dental services that you can choose from. If you’re not sure where to start,…
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Teeth Sensitivity: Causes and How to Fight It

Everything’s set on the dinner table and all seems fine and at that point you decided to drink a hot or cold beverage and then you suddenly felt a sharp ache shot directly on your tooth. If you are curious as to what hit you, it certainly is tooth sensitivity and we at Vegas Smiles…
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Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly?

Improper brushing of teeth can lead to serious teeth damages that can result in many forms of dental problems. It can cause tooth decay, broken and stained teeth, and sometimes teeth loss. Cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas steps in on these kind of situations and give your confident smile back. At Vegas Smiles, we perform cosmetic…
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Is Your Diet Tooth-Friendly?

You are what you eat, this is especially true when it comes to achieving an excellent oral health. Did you know that various food and drinks can cause tooth decay? That’s why you should stay away from sugary and too acidic food and drinks. Yet we tend to eat more of these teeth damaging food.…
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Las Vegas Dentist Tips: Eat Your Way To Healthier Teeth

Not everybody has the same outlook when it comes to dentists and dental appointments. For some, a quick dental checkup is just a walk in the park; but for others, a visit to any Las Vegas dentist office would bring forth feelings of anxiety, fear, or discomfort. Want to make your next appointment less stressful?…
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Steer Clear From Dental Implants (Las Vegas) With The Proper Toothbrush

There are many options for the best dental implants Las Vegas can offer. But let’s face it, these dental implants can easily be avoided with proper dental care. Keep in mind that maintaining a healthy dental routine will do the trick. With regular brushing, keeping the teeth healthy is an easy task to do. Want…
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Say Goodbye To Morning Breath, See A Dentist Las Vegas Today

Your morning breath is a good indicator for when you need to visit a dentist Las Vegas. Although morning breath may be common among a lot of people, it can be a sign of poor oral health. Want to know the how’s and why’s of morning breath? Read on for some interesting facts about your…
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Cosmetic Dentistry (Las Vegas): Get To Know The Parts Of Your Teeth

There is more to your teeth than what is seen when one smiles, but taking care of the outer appearance also ensures that your teeth is in their best condition for proper function. Cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas helps you flash that beautiful smile while also taking care of each tooth’s first line of defense. Parts…
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Show A Better Smile With Invisalign (Las Vegas)

A properly aligned teeth, leads to a bigger smile, a better bite and a healthier you. There are many ways to effectively straighten teeth and Invisalign Las Vegas offers a method that does the job without the inconvenience brought by using braces without costing as much as other procedures. The Importance of Straight Teeth Sporting…
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