Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly?


Improper brushing of teeth can lead to serious teeth damages that can result in many forms of dental problems. It can cause tooth decay, broken and stained teeth, and sometimes teeth loss. Cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas steps in on these kind of situations and give your confident smile back. At Vegas Smiles, we perform cosmetic dental procedures with the option of having them done while sedated if you have dental phobia. We offer these types of cosmetic dentistry everyone in Vegas should check: composite bonding, dental veneers, inlays and onlays, teeth whitening, implants, and many more. You can drop by our office at 4343 North Rancho or reach us at (702) 395-7200.

Vegas Smiles Dental Services

Your daily oral hygiene like brushing your teeth is important especially if you want to maintain an excellent dental health. It is one of the simplest sure fire ways for removing unwanted tooth stains, food debris, and plaques. Dental plaques are basically bad bacteria surviving on your teeth which can cause danger to your entire mouth. They are the results of food debris and particles that later on develop into hard deposits when overlooked. These hard deposits are what we call dental tartars. Dental tartars are hardened plaques and are almost impossible to remove just by simple tooth brushing. A dentist is the only person who can remove these tartars from your teeth.

In Vegas Smiles, we offer cleaning services that will remove these dental plaques and tartar. We also offer cosmetic dentistry done by Dr. Gussow, one of the best Las Vegas cosmetic dentist. The most popular cosmetic procedures among our patients are our Zoom Teeth Whitening and our CEREC Same Day Crowns. For further inquiries don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail at

Leading Cosmetic Dentist Las Vegas At Vegas Smiles

We have the best team of dental professionals here at Vegas Smiles. We have a reliable and efficient staff that are friendly and accommodating as well. We also always make sure that our patients can trust us. Moreover, we are led by one of the best Las Vegas cosmetic dentist so you could be assured that we only offer world-class services. Let Dr. Gussow, a cosmetic dentist Las Vegas help you gain a perfectly stunning set of pearly whites that you could flash anytime without feeling shy. At Vegas Smiles, we help you achieve confidence with a perfect smile!

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