Can I Sleep During My Dental Visit?




Sedation medication can be used during a dental visit and can have an amnesic effect. The medication can cause the patient to barely remember some of the sights, smells, and sounds that they experienced during their visit. Some people are very weary of visiting the dentist and fear what dental equipment that may be used on them. The fear that the patients may have previously experienced may cause them not to visit the dentist again or go longer between visits. When using the Sedation Method in sedation dentistry Las Vegas this may lessen the chances of them prolonging the time between visits. They will not relate their last dentist visit with pain and anxiety they previously had if this method is used.

The visits become easier and they may frequent the dentist more often. For some patients the hours in the dental chair will seem like minutes. The different sedation methods can be applied to a vast range of dental procedures and may include meddlesome ones like wisdom tooth extraction but can also include more simple procedures like getting your teeth cleaned.

People do not know that there are four levels of sedation pertaining to dental sedation. If you just want a small amount of sedation then you can do a Level One Sedation when you are awake but very relaxed during your visit. Level Two or Moderate Enteral Sedation can also be used in a dental office. This Level Two type of sedation puts the patient in a state where they may still be awake but will not be able to remember the things done during the procedure. Briefly, it may temporarily affect the patient’s speech and communication causing them to slur.

Level 3 or Moderate Parenteral Sedation is a deep sedation state. When doing Level Three Sedation, the patient still has not lost consciousness.Additionally, very sedated, the patient could still be woken up with this level of sedation. The last level is Level Four. Also known as Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia, this is the type of sedation where general anesthesia is given to the patient having them achieve a complete state of unconsciousness.

You can make an appointment with your dental office and they can make it very easy for you to make an appointment with Sedation available. Some people have high anxiety and have real dental phobias. Before you make an appointment, write down a list of questions that you can ask the dental office. Some offices also have forms that you can fill out online so you do not have to talk to someone if your dental phobia is extreme.

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