5 Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

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Sleep dentistry is a new way to treat patients that have a fear of going to the dentist for treatment. It provides anxiety-free dental care, which can lead to better overall treatment. About 45 million people in the US have fears about going to the dentist. This can be caused because of a traumatic experience […]

Why Invisalign is Different

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One of the main questions we field from our customers is “what is Invisalign and why is it different”? What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a newer technology that rivals braces. It is a clear plastic retainer, which slowly guides the teeth into place. Over time, you cycle through several retainers which gradually shape your teeth […]

The Benefits of a Whiter, Brighter Smile

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Most people desire to have a whiter smile and they are willing to do whatever it takes. They invest in whitening treatments and over-the-counter products just to enhance their pearly whites. These people are also extremely keen on avoiding food and beverages that can cause staining. You may wonder, why are these people so obsessed? […]

Foods and Drinks that Stain Your Teeth

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Being a non-smoker does not save you from stained teeth. There are actually some food and drinks which you consume on a daily basis that can cause staining. So if you want to protect your smile, you need to be careful about the choices you include in your diet. Here are some foods and beverages […]

Is Dental Sedation Safe for Your Child?

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Growing children are prone to dental problems such as cavities. However, it is also a fact that most of them are scared to have their teeth fixed by a dentist. This is why sedation dentistry, Las Vegas is popular among younger patients. To reduce their stress levels and for the dentist to work effectively, children […]

Scared to See a Dentist?

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You are not alone. According to research, about 8% of Americans avoid dentists because of fear. In fact, some of them are not just simply scared to see a dentist. 20% have actually developed a phobia because of an unpleasant experience. The painful consequences Surprisingly, there are people who take certain measures just to avoid […]

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Invisalign

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Cosmetic dentists in Las Vegas cater to people who have dental deformities. The usual problems are overbites and crooked teeth. Clear braces or Invisalign is always a great choice for these situations. But let us set other things straight first. It actually works Invisalign is one of the newest innovations in dental technology. They are […]

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Oral Health?

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All parts of the body are vulnerable to the effects of diabetes. Your heart, your kidneys, and even your mouth can show symptoms of this disease. Diabetics are more sensitive to oral health problems such as dry mouth and gingivitis. Oral Health Problems Caused by Diabetes Diabetics are likely to have high blood sugar which […]

Laser Teeth Whitening: What are its Advantages?

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Yellowing teeth can now look whiter with laser teeth whitening. A Las Vegas dentist can perform the procedure at Vegas Smiles. The first step is to clean the teeth by removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria. This also includes the application of a rubber shield to prevent any damage. Finally, your teeth will be exposed to […]

Who Needs Cosmetic Dentistry?

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Cosmetic dentistry is most popular among adults aged 31 to 40 years, according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. If you are one of those people who feel the need for the services of a cosmetic dentist Las Vegas, then you should be well-informed about the various ways dentistry is […]