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Achieve Great Oral Health With Sedation Dentistry (Las Vegas)

The best sedation dentistry Las Vegas helps in promoting oral health care. Taking care of your oral health requires more than brushing and flossing. It includes the mouth and everything inside it. Get to know the parts inside your mouth. Read on to understand their functions. See why regularly visiting your dentist aids in getting the best oral health.

Take a Peek Inside Your Mouth

A Las Vegas dentist sees tons of mouths every single day. However, have you ever taken a look yourself? The mouth is made up of more than just tongue and teeth. It is made up of so much more. Grab a mirror and give your mouth a little inspection.

The oral mucosa is the protective layer which lines the whole mouth. This soft pink membrane protects our mouth from germs and other irritants. The gums are those that support and hold the teeth. When the gums are not healthy, they may lead to the loss of teeth. The salivary glands also play an important part in oral health. They are the ones that help wash away the food and bacteria in our mouth. They also help neutralize acidic substances in food. These acidic substances, if too much, will cause the enamel in our teeth to corrode.

How Sedation Dentistry Las Vegas Helps Maintain Oral Hygiene

Some people are in dire need of a dental visit. However, their dentophobia stops them from getting the proper oral care. Sedation dentistry in Las Vegas will benefit those people. This is because the practice uses agents that will help a patient relax. Sedation dentistry does not just start when you sit on the dentist chair. It happens before and during the dental procedure. Through this, the patient’s anxiety is diminished even before the procedure starts. This practice helps people who have dentophobia get the dental assistance they deserve.

Great Oral Health Care

Here at Vegas Smiles, we aim to give our patients their best smile. We understand that some people may have dentist related fears. This is why we offer Las Vegas sedation dentistry. Apart from having a well-experienced resident dentist, our staff is just as accommodating. Having a friendly environment helps eases children and phobic patients. This makes the experience as smooth as possible. Call us at (702)395-7200. We are happy to answer any questions you may have. You can also email us at Set up an appointment today and visit us at 4343 North Rancho. Great smiles come with healthy teeth. Drop by our clinic today!

How To Care For Your Dental Implants (Las Vegas)

Without proper care the dental implants Las Vegas dentists apply will go to waste. This is because like regular teeth, these also need proper care, if not more. Proper maintenance is key to making your implants last. Check out some important tips on cleaning your dental implants. See what kind of toothpaste is best for your replacement tooth!

Importance of Dental Implant Care

Las Vegas dental implants are free from tooth decay. Indestructible as they may seem, dental implants still need proper care. Brushing and flossing daily is needed to maintain them. Depending on the situation, your dentist may recommend some specialized implant care tools. Visiting your dentist for regular checkups are also highly recommended. Do not wait for the regular checkup schedule if you feel that you have any problems with your implants. See your dentist immediately to avoid the risk of implant failure or infection.

If you are a smoker, it is best to quit lessen the habit. This is because smoking can be a cause of an implant to fail. Do not forget to take care of the rest of your teeth as they help support the implant. They are also still susceptible to tooth decay.

The Best Toothpaste for Dental Implants Las Vegas

After a dentist Las Vegas has implanted the tooth, proper care rests in the patient’s hands. This includes choosing a toothpaste that is best suited for the implant. It is not just about choosing one that will give you whiter teeth and fresher breath. You will now have to consider finding ones that will not harm the material of the implant. Veer away from those that have whitening effects. They usually contain abrasive materials such as baking soda or stain removers. Opt for those that control the buildup of tartar. If you must use a mouthwash, it is best to avoid those that contain alcohol as it can dry your mouth out.

Fight Off Tooth Decay

Good oral hygiene is beneficial to our overall health. Keep your chompers healthy by visiting your dentist regularly. Have dentophobia? You can rest your worries here at Vegas Smiles. We offer sedation dentistry to ensure that you feel calm during your visit. We offer the best sedation dentistry Vegas. Our resident dentist has years of experience working with phobic patients. Our staff is very warm and friendly. Once you step into our office, you know that you are in good hands. Visit us at 4343 North Rancho. Let us give you that smile you have always wanted. Give us a call today at (702)395-7200. Send us an email with your questions at

Why Invisalign May Be Right for Me

How do you show that you are happy?

Do you smile often when you are super happy?

Many people worry about their smile and a smile can have many problems like misaligned or crooked teeth. Because technology is always advancing, there are now more than a few options to straighten misaligned teeth. Before people with crooked teeth only had one option. The only was wearing a set of traditional braces. Even though traditional braces are very helpful, we all know there are many mishappenings that can happen with these metal contraptions, aka braces. At Vegas Smiles, we offer an invisible treatment for crooked teeth that is a professional option for you and your smile.

Invisalign can get your teeth straightened without anyone knowing that you have any kind of braces on. Invisalign is faster than metal braces and it may also be a lot more comfortable. Invisalign is an easy process and an invisible way to straighten your teeth without having to all the upkeep of traditional metal braces. Although it is fairly new, this method of teeth straightening has been proven effective in clinical research. Invisalign is now in orthodontic practices across the nation. Additionally, 70% of U.S. orthodontists, including Vegas Smiles, are ready to treat patients using invisalign.

There are many advantages when using invisalign Las Vegas. The treatments use a series of clear aligner trays. The aligners are completely removable and are made of a smooth BPA-free plastic. The patient will use a series of trays that will align the teeth easier than traditional braces.

Are they completely invisible? Traditional braces are very noticeable and do work very well straightening teeth. Many patients with crooked teeth also smile less so that they do not have to show a smile that they are not confident in. The color of the metal on the braces very visible. They can create even more attention to the teeth that people are already shy about. This may lead to a patient not wanting to get braces.

If you have a job that is very physical, like or sports, or a job that has you using your mouth all day talking. The braces, when chosen as an option to straighten teeth, are uncomfortable and they become a less desirable option. It seems like Invisalign has created an invisible and comfortable way to straighten teeth while not altering one’s appearance.

Expectations During an Appointment for Invisalign in Las Vegas

Talking about pain, when you go for metal braces the tightening sessions can be really painful. Imagine having to go through this many times over the course of your treatment which can take years to complete. Compared to how much traditional braces hurt, if you choose to get the Invisalign Las Vegas NV offers, you will notice that the pain can be very minimal if there is any at all. Also, if worn properly the duration of the treatment will be relatively shorter than that of the traditional braces. Depending on the severity of the case, the Invisalign treatment will only take around 9-15 months. To add to the comfort of using Invisalign, you can actually take them off when you need to eat or drink and put them back on with ease. Since they are removable, they will also be easier to clean than traditional braces.

When you come in for your first visit with Dr. William Gussow, you have finally decided to go through with treatment with fixing your crooked or misaligned teeth. Patient’s teeth straightening strategies are all different. Dr. Gussow of Vegas Smiles will be the first to meet with you at your appointment. He will consult with you on how the process works. One of the first things he will talk about is how the dental issues that are affecting you. Dr. Gussow also has to make sure that you are a good candidate for Invisalign and will check your teeth. Vegas Smiles wants you to have an incredible Invisalign experience at his office. It has helped so many patients achieve their perfect Vegas Smiles. At this initial visit you will also be able to ask Dr. Gussow any questions that you may have regarding treatment. It is recommend that you write your questions down before your visit so any and all questions can be answered. There are specific treatment plans and the payment plans depending on your insurance and affordability. Here at Vegas Smiles, we make sure that we maximize your insurance benefits so that you afford your new smile and it is easy to do.

You should expect to have impressions made of your teeth. We will take pictures of your teeth and also set you up for a series of -rays. All of the pictures that we take will be used to create a 3-D image of your teeth. This lets the dentist produce a an accurate treatment plan that will be yours and yours only. You will know how your teeth with start to move as they straighten in your treatment and what we plan to achieve. During the course of your treatment, you may have a 18-30 aligner trays that will span over a year’s time or more.

Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. William Gussow, DDS

Providing Different Procedures

Extended Happy Smiles

Cosmetic Dentistry Las Vegas has come a long way and new methods are becoming more readily available everyday. Your smile is so important to us at Vegas Smiles and we want to help you achieve your dreams of having the smile you have always wanted.

Are you constantly hesitating before you give a big pearly grin? Are you worried how your smile is affecting your self-confidence? How would you like your smile to look when you are in a Social Setting. How about in a professional setting? Would you like to improve any imperfections that your teeth have?

When you have answered the above questions with a “Yes,” then you should consider Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. William Gussow. Cosmetic dentistry is not regular dental care; it takes an artist and a little bit of science to produce a tremendous end result that is right for you. Our Team at Vegas Smiles uses innovative techniques in Teeth Whitening, Dental Crowns and Teeth Straightening.

There are many reasons you may be contemplating a Cosmetic Dental Procedure and you are not alone. You may have a chipped or cracked tooth that is front and center in your smile. Some patients come in wanting their stained or discolored teeth back to a beautiful white color with a professional fast procedure that cannot be store bought. Other patients have severe gaps between their teeth and do not want to get braces on their teeth. Sometimes we cannot control having misshapen or misaligned teeth but don’t forget that they can be treated with some help from Us at Vegas Smiles!

Dental veneers are usually meant for patients with chipped, cracked, or discolored teeth and are thin, and are porcelain shells that fit over the front of the teeth to hide the imperfections you may concerned about with your own teeth. Veneers are usually custom-made to fit each patient’s mouth and are done in office.

Our office also offers professional whitening with a strong bleach that you cannot buy over the counter. If your teeth are stained or not the color that you want, our procedure is supervised by a dentist and applied in-office. A light may also be used to speed up the bleaching process so you will be satisfied with your whitening when exiting our office.

Dr. Gussow can help you decide on a Cosmetic Procedure that is right for your unique needs. Together, you and Dr. Gussow dentist will consider many factors, including the cost of procedures, the condition of your teeth, and the maintenance each procedure requires.

Can I Sleep During My Dental Visit?



Sedation medication can be used during a dental visit and can have an amnesic effect. The medication can cause the patient to barely remember some of the sights, smells, and sounds that they experienced during their visit. Some people are very weary of visiting the dentist and fear what dental equipment that may be used on them. The fear that the patients may have previously experienced may cause them not to visit the dentist again or go longer between visits. When using the Sedation Method in sedation dentistry Las Vegas this may lessen the chances of them prolonging the time between visits. They will not relate their last dentist visit with pain and anxiety they previously had if this method is used.

The visits become easier and they may frequent the dentist more often. For some patients the hours in the dental chair will seem like minutes. The different sedation methods can be applied to a vast range of dental procedures and may include meddlesome ones like wisdom tooth extraction but can also include more simple procedures like getting your teeth cleaned.

People do not know that there are four levels of sedation pertaining to dental sedation. If you just want a small amount of sedation then you can do a Level One Sedation when you are awake but very relaxed during your visit. Level Two or Moderate Enteral Sedation can also be used in a dental office. This Level Two type of sedation puts the patient in a state where they may still be awake but will not be able to remember the things done during the procedure. Briefly, it may temporarily affect the patient’s speech and communication causing them to slur.

Level 3 or Moderate Parenteral Sedation is a deep sedation state. When doing Level Three Sedation, the patient still has not lost consciousness.Additionally, very sedated, the patient could still be woken up with this level of sedation. The last level is Level Four. Also known as Deep Sedation or General Anesthesia, this is the type of sedation where general anesthesia is given to the patient having them achieve a complete state of unconsciousness.

You can make an appointment with your dental office and they can make it very easy for you to make an appointment with Sedation available. Some people have high anxiety and have real dental phobias. Before you make an appointment, write down a list of questions that you can ask the dental office. Some offices also have forms that you can fill out online so you do not have to talk to someone if your dental phobia is extreme.

When to Ask about Sedation When Visiting Your Dentist


Sedation dentistry may also be referred to as Sleep Dentistry or Relaxation Dentistry. When using sedation techniques, patients become more relaxed and the dentists are able to easily and efficiently work on sedated patients. This is the hallmark of a Las Vegas sleep dentist. Many people experience anxiety when attending their routine dentist visit or know that they going to the dentist, to have a painful procedure done. With new techniques and the evolving sedation methods, going to the dentist is not as dreadfully looming as it once was.

Dentists are using safe, sufficient pharmacological sedative factors, that will help the patient more relaxed. The sedatives that are commonly used in dentistry play on the central nervous system, making the patient less aware of external stimuli surrounding them. The stimuli by the patient might be their use of sight or the sensibility to sounds within a dental office. Sedation maximizes the effects of anesthetic, which means less is needed.

Sedation dentistry has allowed different levels of relaxation by the patient, based on dosage and what type of sedative used during the visit. Patients may consult with their dental anesthesiologist before their appointment. They can discuss their concerns as well as their medical history with their anesthesiologist in order to help come up with the exact treatment plan when using sedation. Based on a regular consultation, a dentist may be able to arrange for different levels of sedation to complete a treatment in the dental office. When you use the mild and moderate sedation methods, the patient will be able to communicate with the staff treating them through the procedure. Even though the patient may be relaxed, they will not be fearful of treatment or being unconscious. Some sedation that is on the higher level makes the patient feel like they are in a sleep-like state.

The Sleep method may also be a great option for someone that is really busy. A visit to the dentist may sometimes take a long time. Sometimes the people that have a very busy lifestyle and hectic schedule, making a dentist appointment could take a lot of time out of their work day. The busy people will sometimes wait to get needed dental work done because it takes too much time. If they were to choose a Sedation Method, they may only have to set aside one day to complete much of their needed dental work. This could have the client having less dental visits throughout the year and more work done at one time.