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Our cosmetic dentist working on a Vegas Smiles patient.

Your smile can affect how other people perceive you. There is actually evidence that proves people who smile confidently have higher chances of getting hired. Researchers also noted that the same individuals attract more romantic partners. This only shows how powerful your smile can be which is why if you need the help of a cosmetic dentist Las Vegas, you should find one now. It’s time to stop hiding your teeth. Regain your smile and your confidence back by getting some dental care.

If you want to get the most out of your cosmetic dentistry procedure, you need to choose your Las Vegas cosmetic dentist carefully. Most clinics have a smile gallery with before and after images of previous clients. It should help you gauge a cosmetic dentist’s quality of work. As you look through a smile gallery, there are four features you need to observe as these are the determining factors of a cosmetic dentist’s level of skills. Pay attention to symmetry, color, translucence and intaglio.

Four Visible Features of a Great Smile

At Vegas Smiles, a cosmetic dentist can fix your smile in as fast as one day thanks to CEREC’s newest technology.

Symmetry is one of the foremost measures of a great smile. Carefully look at the before and after photos in a Las Vegas cosmetic dentist’s smile gallery and observe if his patients’ smiles are symmetrical. If their teeth are a little lopsided, take that as a red flag. You don’t want to suffer the same results.

Secondly, you must make sure that your cosmetic dentist can match the color gradient of your natural teeth. A good cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas should be able to fix your smile without making a noticeable difference. Just imagine having a crown that is a couple of shades lighter than the natural color of your teeth. It will certainly stand out each time you smile. Avoid this dental disaster by considering your cosmetic dentist’s eye for color.

Next, you need to factor in translucence. If your cosmetic dentist is not skillful enough to craft dental restorations that imitate the appearance of natural tooth enamels, then you are in trouble. Your restored teeth will look artificial and they will ruin your smile instead of improving it. Put into mind that dental enamels are supposed to be a little translucent. Choose a cosmetic dentist that can make dental ceramics that follow the property of natural tooth enamels. It varies from person to person, but there are various ceramic materials that can match the same degree of translucence. Your cosmetic dentist should know all about the options and choose the most fitting material.

Lastly, find out if your Las Vegas cosmetic dentist uses intaglio. It is a term foreign to common people but you should know about it if you want your restoration to look all natural. Intaglio is the characteristic that your teeth acquires as you grow old. It refers to the tiny pitting or staining that comes with age. Some cosmetic dentists don’t add this when they fix their patients’ smiles but a good one will make use of this subtle feature to make your restored teeth look real.

You can find an experienced and skilled cosmetic dentist at Vegas Smiles.

If you are looking for a cosmetic dentist who can give you natural-looking, beautiful teeth, come to Vegas Smiles for a free consultation with Dr. William Gussow. Our resident dentist is capable of making CEREC same day crowns, performing laser teeth whitening and many other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Additionally, he is trained to take care of phobic patients. Our staff are also the friendliest and warmest in Las Vegas.