Cosmetic Dentistry (Las Vegas): Get To Know The Parts Of Your Teeth


There is more to your teeth than what is seen when one smiles, but taking care of the outer appearance also ensures that your teeth is in their best condition for proper function. Cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas helps you flash that beautiful smile while also taking care of each tooth’s first line of defense.

Parts of A Tooth You See and Don’t See

A tooth is broadly divided into the crown and the root, the former is what is seen and the latter hidden underneath the gums. The crown and tooth are made up of four kinds of tissues with different important functions.

The outer covering of each tooth which is normally referred to as the crown, is the enamel which is made up of phosphorus and calcium. As such it is harder than a bone and it protects the whole tooth from decay. Underneath it is dentin, which is calcified but not as hard as the outer layer. The next layer is called the cementum and from the name itself, cementum anchors the root to the bones. Last but not the least is the pulp located in the center of the tooth. Inside the pulp are the blood vessels and nerves that are responsible for delivering nutrients and other signals to the tooth.

What Cosmetic Dentistry Las Vegas Does

The basic function of teeth is as aid to digestion as they are responsible for the first part of the process which is chewing. A good set of teeth will enable a person to chew better and a Las Vegas cosmetic dentist should be consulted to know how they can look and function well. Cosmetic dentist Las Vegas ranges from subtle teeth enhancement such as bleaching to reshaping and contouring.

We at Vegas Smiles make sure that every procedure works to your advantage at competitive prices. We provide state-of-the-art general dentistry services to help change your smile and change your life. We also cater to customers who have dental phobia through sedation dentistry.

Our staff is dedicated to give you the best Las Vegas cosmetic dentistry services experience you have ever had. We make sure that you understand each procedure from how it is done to how they will benefit you. We also make inquiry process simple even before you drop by at our office located in 4343 North Rancho Las Vegas, NV 89130.

You can call us at (702) 395 7200 or email at and we will respond with suggested treatment plans with corresponding fees.

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