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One of our lovely patients at Vegas Smiles being prepared for a cosmetic dentistry procedure.

Cosmetic dentists are somewhat similar to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Like these specialists, dentists who practice cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas can also drastically improve a person’s physical appearance. By combining their skills with state-of-the-art technology, they are capable of creating the perfect smile. They can fix a myriad of dental problems from stained teeth to crooked ones. If you feel that you need some professional help with your smile, there are some things that you need to know first before jumping into a procedure.

We’re sorry to burst your bubble but when it comes to Las Vegas cosmetic dentistry, you must manage your expectations. Many patients feel discouraged after seeing effects fade after a while. They immediately conclude that the treatment they had didn’t work. The truth is, it requires maintenance to keep your smile flawless. After some time, you need to visit your dentist for another session. You must also be keen with your dental hygiene and diet. Be prepared to say goodbye to your daily dose of coffee or tea if you want to make results last as long as possible.

Why You Need Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry

We offer Invisalign for Las Vegas patients in need of cosmetic dentistry.

There are many reasons why you might need cosmetic or reconstructive dentistry. Foremost of these reasons is poor oral habits when you were younger. The lifestyle choices you made in the past could have made a detrimental effect on your teeth. For example, if you were a chain smoker, your habit is likely to cause teeth discoloration. Another reason could be an accident that resulted to some chipped teeth. Athletes who are into high-impact sports like football and boxing are prone to experiencing severe damage.

Whatever cosmetic problem you may have with your teeth, we can solve it at Vegas Smiles. We offer a wide variety of Las Vegas cosmetic dentistry treatments that are safe, effective and effort-free. In most of them, all you have to do is just sit down and relax as our highly-experienced resident dentist works on your smile. We have the latest technology available like laser teeth whitening and CEREC same day crowns. Believe it or not, you can walk out of our clinic with a brighter smile in as fast as 30 minutes!

Here is a helpful tip if you are planning to undergo cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas. To make the results last long, you have to determine the reason why you had to have your teeth done in the first place. So if you are going to have your stained teeth whitened because you smoked heavily, then you need to cut your habit so your “brand new” teeth won’t suffer the same fate.

Gain Your Smile and Confidence Back with Vegas Smiles

In our Las Vegas clinic, we use the latest technology in cosmetic dentistry.

Not all dentists feel the same level of compassion and care towards their patients. If you find someone who genuinely want your teeth to stay beautiful long, don’t let them go. Your cosmetic dentist knows your teeth more than anybody else. If you need further treatment, he is the most capable person to do it.

If you are looking for a dentist for Las Vegas cosmetic dentistry, you can never go wrong with Vegas Smiles. Dr. William Gussow, our resident dentist is a warm, compassionate fellow who specializes in phobic patients. Even if you don’t have dental anxiety, you will know the difference of his care from that of his peers. He can do cosmetic dentistry procedures such as CEREC same day crowns, Invisalign, Zoom teeth whitening, and many others.