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This is one of our Vegas Smiles patients having dental implants secured into place by a member of our team.

Dental implants Las Vegas are artificial teeth roots that are used to hold replacement teeth or bridges. They are placed into your jaw if you have experienced teeth loss due to a dental disease, an injury or other many other reasons.

Basically, there are two types of dental implants available. The first one is the endosteal type which is placed right into the bone. It is also the most commonly used. To have them implanted into your jawbone, they are secured into place using screws, cylinders or blades. This kind of dental implant is generally recommended for patients with bridges or removable dentures.

The second type is the subperiosteal dental implant. It is positioned right on top of the jawbone with metal framework protruding through the gum. This other kind of dental implant is used for patients who cannot wear conventional dentures and for those who have short bone height.

As for maintenance, sound oral hygiene is necessary to keep your dental implants last longer. Dental implants Vegas require special care to remove as much plaque bacteria as possible. Together with routine dental visits, proper brushing and flossing should be done to clean the space between your teeth. You need to arm yourself with interdental brush and an antibacterial toothpaste for this.

Proper Care for Vegas Dental Implants

To get dental implants, pay us a visit at Vegas Smiles.

Dental implants are not cheap. You spend considerable amount of money and time to have them done. That is why it is important to keep a sound oral health habit to prevent painful and costly complications. Once your dental implants damaged, you might need to have a more complicated dental procedure. With poor oral hygiene, bacteria can thrive on them and cause damage to your dental health. Gum inflammation, bone loss, and peri-implantitis may happen.

Dental implants Las Vegas NV have been considered one of the most effective tooth restoration methods. They could last for several years if you take proper care of them. To make them last, dental experts suggest to quit smoking. Specialists at Colgate Oral Care Center strongly suggest that you quit the habit immediately. It increases the risk of tooth implant failure for up to 15.8% compared to only 1.4% in nonsmokers.

You also need to maintain oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene should be done before, during, and after dental implants are placed. Your dentist can provide you with home-care recommendations based on the treatment done. Stimulators, unwaxed dental floss, and water flossers are usually recommended. You should also use a toothpaste that contain a low fluoride concentration as fluoride can remove the oxide layer of your dental implants, making them prone to corrosion.

Visiting your dentist regularly is a must. Nothing beats having a professional check on your oral health. Your dentist should tell you how often you should visit the clinic for thorough cleaning. Tooth implant complications may develop without you knowing it, that’s why regular dental checkups are very important.

Have Your Dental Implants Vegas Done by a Specialist

When you get dental implants at Vegas Smiles, you are given quality care by our team of dental experts.

You deserve the best dental care available. Have your Las Vegas dental implants handled by an experienced and highly-skilled dentist. Come to Vegas Smiles and meet our resident dentist, Dr. William Gussow. He is one of the most compassionate dentists you will ever meet. He was especially trained to take care of patients who struggle with anxiety. Aside from dental implants he can also do CEREC one day crowns and Zoom teeth whitening. We also have a warm and friendly staff who are dedicated to giving you the most comfortable dental experience.