Is Dental Sedation Safe for Your Child?


Growing children are prone to dental problems such as cavities. However, it is also a fact that most of them are scared to have their teeth fixed by a dentist. This is why sedation dentistry, Las Vegas is popular among younger patients. To reduce their stress levels and for the dentist to work effectively, children are often put into a relaxing sleep.

If you are planning to bring your child to the dentist, perhaps one of your main concerns is whether dental sedation is safe for your child or not? Our answer is a huge yes. It is a completely normal and safe procedure for patients of all ages. We understand why you might be hesitant so to ease your mind about dental sedation, we are going to teach you how you can prepare your child for dental sedation and how you can care for him after the procedure.

Before sedation

Children tolerate sedation better if they are properly prepared by their parents. To prepare your child for the procedure, restrict food and drinks. Ask your Las Vegas dentist for guidelines and follow them strictly. It is important that you follow your dentist’s instructions to the letter as sedation poses the risk of stomach contents being vomited and inhaled into the lungs.

Also, be open to your dentist about your child’s medical history. Inform him about any prescription, over-the-counter or herbal medicine that your child is taking.

At the clinic

To keep your child calm and relaxed, bring along a comfort item for them to hold. It can be their favorite stuffed animal or a pillow. Holding your child’s hand or singing gently can also help. If you have other children, we recommend finding someone to look after them so you can take your child who only needs dental attention to the clinic. This enables you to focus all of your attention to your child undergoing the procedure.

After the procedure

After sedation, your child may feel confused, fussy or nauseous so going back to school right after the procedure is not be an option. It is also important to have two adults assisting your child. One should be tasked with driving the car and another to look after your child’s needs and to constantly check his breathing.

On the first few hours after the procedure, feed your child only with soft and lukewarm foods. If ever your child experiences fever and severe pain or vomiting, contact your dentist right away.

Sedation dentistry, Las Vegas is among our specialties at Vegas Smiles. Aside from offering top-notch services, we have a Las Vegas dentist who is sensitive to needs of phobic patients. Plus, we have a caring staff that can help make your child feel right at home. Give us a visit today and find out for yourself!

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