Dental Warning Signs Vegas Dentist Wants You To Never Ignore


Taking proper care of teeth goes far beyond physical purposes. Although not much thought is given to oral hygiene, it is important to pay more attention to dental health. According to Shape, research shows a link between oral problems and serious health conditions in the body so taking better care of teeth is a positive step towards better health. Here are some dental warning signs that must never be ignored.

Sharp Pains

A lot of times, It is easy to tell which kinds of pains are normal and which ones are not. Discomfort caused by food lodged in between teeth are easily treated but sharp pains caused while chewing or biting may be a sign to visit a dentist Las Vegas for these might indicate decay or cavities.

Bleeding Of Gums

Bleeding gums could be a sign of poor oral care or something even more serious such as periodontal disease. When blood constantly appears while brushing or cleaning teeth, make sure to see a dentist in Las Vegas. Gum disease promotes harmful bacteria growth so it is important to take action while things aren’t serious.

Stained Teeth

Most of the yellowish or brownish stains are usually caused by drinks like wine, coffee, soda, and more. These can be easily removed through teeth whitening and toothpaste. Having these stains are no cause for concern but when the stains appear reddish or bluish, the tooth has cracked to the pulp and it might be time to have an appointment with the dentist Vegas.

Cracked and Loose Teeth

Cracked and loose teeth are tell-tale signs of stress. Stress causes the muscle tension to the jaw which causes the clenching of muscles, especially during sleeping. When these are experienced, engaging in relaxing exercises like meditation and therapy might relieve tension. Most of the time, bite guards are needed to lessen the damage to teeth.

Vitamin Deficiency

A lot of changes will happen in the mouth when there is a vitamin deficiency. For those who lack Zinc in their diets, it is common to have a metallic taste in the mouth. For those who lack Vitamin C, a common occurrence would be the canker sores.

Dental care is just as important as other aspects of health. Looking for a reliable dentist Las Vegas? Check out Vegas Smiles! They specialize in sedation dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, CEREC same day crowns, and more. They have friendly resident dentists and accommodating staff. Experience a stress-free appointment today! Make sure to check them out.

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