Is Your Diet Tooth-Friendly?


You are what you eat, this is especially true when it comes to achieving an excellent oral health. Did you know that various food and drinks can cause tooth decay? That’s why you should stay away from sugary and too acidic food and drinks. Yet we tend to eat more of these teeth damaging food. But don’t worry, there is still hope even if the damage was already done. At Vegas Smiles, we offer cosmetic dentistry services to regain your confidence. If you are not sure about getting a procedure done, you can drop for a consultation. You can find our dental clinic at 4343 North Rancho, Las Vegas.

Eat Healthy For A Lively Smile

One of the first things that get affected when you have an unhealthy diet is your oral health. This is according to the guidelines of the American Dental Association. Did you know that healthy food like cheese and apple could improve more than just your diet? They also help with keeping good oral health as well.


Most people are in love with cheese and with a good reason. Aside from being tasty, it is also proven to combat tooth decay. A study published in 2013 stated that consuming dairy products is vital to good health. EurekAlert found that eating cheese lowers the PH level of your mouth. This particular dairy product puts you at lesser risk of tooth decay. The chewing process also stimulates more saliva secretion. On top of all these benefits, cheese is also a great source of nutrients that protect the tooth’s enamel.


We are all familiar with the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well guess what? It can also keep the dentist away. Although the American Dental Association warns against sweet food, there are certain exceptions. Fruits such as apples are natural teeth cleaners. They are effective in washing away oral bacteria that clings on our teeth and some food particles. The fiber found in apple also enlivens the gums. It may not clean your teeth as much as your toothbrush, but it can help tidy your teeth until you can get a hold of one.

There are more hearty food choices that you could add to your diet to keep your pearly whites in good shape. But it’s still important to get your teeth checked by a professional dentist at least twice a year. Head over to our clinic and avail of a free consultation to maintain good oral health.

Best Cosmetic Las Vegas Dentist

There are tons of Las Vegas Dentist in the area but Vegas Smiles is one the best! We are a team of dental health professionals trained by our mentor and founder Dr. William Gussow. We have a qualified and skilled staff to handle your dental needs. For more information, call us at (702)395-7200. You can also send us an e-mail at We hope to see you soon!

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