Do You Need an Emergency Dentist Las Vegas?


Dental emergency is defined as “an acute disorder of oral health that requires dental and/or medical attention” by the Medical Dictionary. If there is bleeding, laceration, dislodged or fractured teeth due to trauma, chances are you need immediate medical attention from an emergency dentist Las Vegas. Your condition could be a dental emergency. Dental emergencies are caused by accidents or biting food that is too hard. It could get more serious if you fail to have it treated by an experts.

When to See an Emergency Dentist Las Vegas

The number of dental emergencies have doubled in the United States from 2000 to 2010, according to the American Dental Association. A basic knowledge of the kinds of injuries that require the attention of an emergency dentist can help save lives or at the very least, someone’s teeth. It could also prevent unneeded trips to emergency doctors. Accidents happen at the most unexpected times. That’s why it is necessary to know which injuries need immediate attention and which can wait until regular office hours.

Cracked, broken, or knocked out teeth are the most common types of mouth injuries that need immediate attention. However, there are cases that are not very severe. But if there is nerve damage involved, you should see a Las Vegas emergency dentist immediately.

Most Common Dental Emergencies

Broken jaw – A broken jaw should not be moved. A handkerchief should be tied around it to keep it in place. Cold compress can be used to reduce swelling.

Knocked Out Tooth – The tooth needs to be re-implanted the soonest possible time because more cells on the root die as time passes. For better chances, bring the patient to the dentist within 2 hours or 30 minutes if possible.

Broken tooth – Immediate care should be given to cracked or broken teeth to prevent further damage. The condition is not always visible. Sometimes X-rays can’t detect them either. If chewing causes pain or the patient is experiencing sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks, an emergency dentist is needed immediately.

Emergency Dentist for Phobic Patients in Las Vegas

Need immediate attention from an emergency dentist in Las Vegas? Call Vegas Smiles immediately especially if the patient has dental phobia. Dr. William Gussow and his staff knows how to take care of phobic patients so they don’t get nervous during any kind of dental procedure. They also offer cosmetic dentistry so the patient will be left with little to no traces of the injury.

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