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An anxious patient undergoing a sedation dentistry procedure in our Las Vegas clinic.

Dental phobia is a very common problem that dentists see in their patients, according to Daniel W. MacNeil, a West Virginia University dental practice professor. In a book that he wrote with Cameron L. Randall, he noted that almost half of the American adult population have a moderate fear of the dentist. Moreover, as a result, 5% to 10% of these people avoid going to the dentist. Fortunately, modern dentists are now being trained to handle phobic patients. Universities now incorporate Behavioral Science, communication, professionalism and ethics into their curriculum. Aside from this, there are also certain procedures like sedation dentistry Las Vegas that help anxious patients feel at ease.

Las Vegas sedation dentistry helps you relax and remain calm during a dental procedure. You will be given a sedative that makes you feel drowsy but relaxed. The dentist will then administer a local anesthetic before the treatment starts. During the whole time, you will not feel any fear and you will be unaware of what’s happening. Most patients don’t even remember parts, if not all, of the procedure.

Everything You Should Know About Sedation Dentistry in Las Vegas

With sedation dentistry, you can feel relaxed while a Las Vegas dentist works on your teeth.

Before your Las Vegas sedation dentistry procedure, only have a light meal. Make sure to eat two hours before your appointment and strictly avoid alcoholic beverages. You also required to bring along a responsible companion who will escort and drive you home. It is also important that you discuss your routine medications with your dentist. If you are pregnant or feeling ill, let him know as well.

After receiving treatment, you are prohibited from doing any strenuous activity. As sedatives can impair your judgment, you should refrain from signing important documents and purchasing expensive items. As for your diet, you are not allowed to drink alcohol and hot beverages. Eat light meals but avoid taking hot food. If you find it difficult to remember what happened, don’t worry. Temporary amnesia is completely normal after a Las Vegas sedation dentistry procedure.

Bleeding is also common after getting a dental treatment. To minimize it, you can have cold drinks and a soft diet. You must also avoid alcohol and smoking while you are recovering. Taking a break from your regular exercise routine is also advised.

A Las Vegas Dentist You Can Trust

If seeing a Vegas dentist makes you feel anxious, sedation dentistry is your best option.

Not all dentists are trained to handle phobic patients. You want someone who is compassionate and trustworthy like our resident dentist, Dr. William Gussow. He is a warm and friendly fellow who has over two decades of experience in handling patients dealing with dental anxiety. He is skilled in doing various treatments ranging from sedation dentistry in Las Vegas procedures to cosmetic dental treatments. You will also feel at ease with our staff. Like Dr. Gussow, they too are trained to make you feel comfortable in our clinic.