When to Ask about Sedation When Visiting Your Dentist

SEDATION DURING DENTISTRY Sedation dentistry may also be referred to as Sleep Dentistry or Relaxation Dentistry. When using sedation techniques, patients become more relaxed and the dentists are able to easily and efficiently work on sedated patients. This is the hallmark of a Las Vegas sleep dentist.  Many people e......... more »

Can I Sleep During My Dental Visit?

ASK YOUR DENTIST ABOUT RELAXING DURING A HIGH ANXIETY VISIT SLEEPING DURING THE DENTIST Sedation medication can be used during a dental visit and can have an amnesic effect. The medication can cause the patient to barely remember some of the sights, smells, and sounds that they experienced during their visit. So......... more »

Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. William Gussow, DDS

Providing Different Procedures Extended Happy Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry Las Vegas has come a long way and new methods are becoming more readily available everyday. Your smile is so important to us at Vegas Smiles and we want to help you achieve your dreams of having the smile you have always wanted. Are you......... more »

Expectations During an Appointment for Invisalign in Las Vegas

Talking about pain, when you go for metal braces the tightening sessions can be really painful. Imagine having to go through this many times over the course of your treatment which can take years to complete. Compared to how much traditional braces hurt, if you choose to get the Invisalign Las Vegas NV offers, you will......... more »

Why Invisalign May Be Right for Me

How do you show that you are happy? Do you smile often when you are super happy? Many people worry about their smile and a smile can have many problems like misaligned or crooked teeth. Because technology is always advancing, there are now more than a few options to straighten misaligned teeth. Before people wi......... more »

How To Care For Your Dental Implants (Las Vegas)

Without proper care the dental implants Las Vegas dentists apply will go to waste.  This is because like regular teeth, these also need proper care, if not more.  Proper maintenance is key to making your implants last.  Check out some important tips on cleaning your dental implants.  See what kind of toothpaste is ......... more »

Achieve Great Oral Health With Sedation Dentistry (Las Vegas)

The best sedation dentistry Las Vegas helps in promoting oral health care.  Taking care of your oral health requires more than brushing and flossing.  It includes the mouth and everything inside it.  Get to know the parts inside your mouth.  Read on to understand their functions.  See why regularly visiting your d......... more »

Show A Better Smile With Invisalign (Las Vegas)

A properly aligned teeth, leads to a bigger smile, a better bite and a healthier you. There are many ways to effectively straighten teeth and Invisalign Las Vegas offers a method that does the job without the inconvenience brought by using braces without costing as much as other procedures. The Importance of Straight ......... more »

Cosmetic Dentistry (Las Vegas): Get To Know The Parts Of Your Teeth

There is more to your teeth than what is seen when one smiles, but taking care of the outer appearance also ensures that your teeth is in their best condition for proper function. Cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas helps you flash that beautiful smile while also taking care of each tooth’s first line of defense. Parts of......... more »

Say Goodbye To Morning Breath, See A Dentist Las Vegas Today

Your morning breath is a good indicator for when you need to visit a dentist Las Vegas. Although morning breath may be common among a lot of people, it can be a sign of poor oral health. Want to know the how's and why's of morning breath? Read on for some interesting facts about your breath in the morning. What Cause......... more »

Steer Clear From Dental Implants (Las Vegas) With The Proper Toothbrush

There are many options for the best dental implants Las Vegas can offer. But let’s face it, these dental implants can easily be avoided with proper dental care. Keep in mind that maintaining a healthy dental routine will do the trick. With regular brushing, keeping the teeth healthy is an easy task to do. Want to kno......... more »

Las Vegas Dentist Tips: Eat Your Way To Healthier Teeth

Not everybody has the same outlook when it comes to dentists and dental appointments. For some, a quick dental checkup is just a walk in the park; but for others, a visit to any Las Vegas dentist office would bring forth feelings of anxiety, fear, or discomfort. Want to make your next appointment less stressful? Then e......... more »

Is Your Diet Tooth-Friendly?

You are what you eat, this is especially true when it comes to achieving an excellent oral health. Did you know that various food and drinks can cause tooth decay? That’s why you should stay away from sugary and too acidic food and drinks. Yet we tend to eat more of these teeth damaging food. But don’t worry, there......... more »

Are You Brushing Your Teeth Correctly?

Improper brushing of teeth can lead to serious teeth damages that can result in many forms of dental problems. It can cause tooth decay, broken and stained teeth, and sometimes teeth loss. Cosmetic dentistry Las Vegas steps in on these kind of situations and give your confident smile back. At Vegas Smiles, we perform c......... more »

Teeth Sensitivity: Causes and How to Fight It

Everything’s set on the dinner table and all seems fine and at that point you decided to drink a hot or cold beverage and then you suddenly felt a sharp ache shot directly on your tooth. If you are curious as to what hit you, it certainly is tooth sensitivity and we at Vegas Smiles have the answer. If you are experie......... more »

Tested and Proven Oral Hygiene Tips from Your Local Vegas Dentist

Personal oral hygiene can only be maintained by regular visits to the dentist. Make sure to have your set of pearly whites taken cared of not just by anybody but by well-experienced medical professionals. Here in Vegas Smiles, we offer various dental services that you can choose from. If you’re not sure where to star......... more »

Avoid These Daily Habits that Permanently Damage Your Teeth

The popular belief that eating too much candy and sweets can ruin your teeth has been passed on from one generation to another. And as kids, most of us have dreaded the inevitable lecture about maintaining a good dental routine after trick-or-treat. Most of our patients at Vegas Smiles often opt for our Zoom Teeth Whit......... more »

If You Have These Habits, You May Need a Dental Cleaning Las Vegas

People are ruining their teeth without even realizing it. Although dentists may advise their patients about dental health precautions during and after dental cleaning Las Vegas, other bad dental habits may take effect over time and only show visible damages when it is too late. When there is nothing left to do but rush......... more »

For Dental Emergencies, Call Our Emergency Dentist Las Vegas!

Dental pain can originate from different sources and can be caused by several factors that is why giving it immediate response from an emergency dentist Las Vegas is the best way to remedy it. Dental emergencies can vary according to Wikipedia. They can range from a bacterial infection to a fractured tooth but can easi......... more »

Facts You Should Know About Dental Implants Las Vegas Recovery Time

Millions of people still suffer from various tooth problems despite reaching efficient advancements in dental care. And for a long time, treatments have been limited to bridges and dentures for clients with missing teeth. Luckily, today, dental implants Las Vegas have been made accessible. Dental implants are the metal......... more »

Achieve Confidence with a Perfect Smile

Confidence plays a vital role in everything we do. But only a few know that to achieve success and happiness in any career and life in general, you have to be equipped with the right amount of confidence. Our brain uses our confidence in decision-making according to an article from Science Daily, and one way of reachin......... more »

Signs Telling You Need a Dental Implant

Gradual deterioration of your teeth will still happen as you grow old – even if you keep measures in taking care of your smile. Teeth injury can also be a consequence especially if you have poor oral care. Dental Implants Las Vegas from Vegas Smiles is a perfect alternative to your dental problems. These small titani......... more »

Why a Brighter Smile is Worth the Investment

Flashing a smile can seem like the simplest thing for some people but for others it can be a great source of embarrassment and insecurity. We all have our different quirks and oddities and for some people this is caused by their teeth. There are so many possible issues that can make one feel a bit shy about flashing a ......... more »

Do You Need Sedation Dentistry?

Taking care of the teeth is one aspect of our overall physical health that we must not ignore. According to studies by Colgate, a regular dental checkup once or twice a year is necessary for people to keep tabs on their dental health. Whether it is to get a regular cleaning, brace adjustments, Las Vegas sedation dentis......... more »

Get Beautiful Teeth: Trouble-Free Vegas Invisalign Process

If you want straighter teeth, you may be thinking of getting braces from the nearest dental clinic. However, there is a more discrete way to get even teeth. The process is called Invisalign. You might already be familiar with it, or you might have seen one in someone you know. But in order to find out if Invisalign Las......... more »

Check These Causes and Symptoms of Vegas Dental Phobia

Most dental treatments are not painful. However, some people fear them like they fear poisonous snakes. Just the thought of having a stranger look into their mouths can cause stress and anxiety. These people who have a dental phobia will do anything to avoid the dental chair. Sedation dentistry Las Vegas might be best ......... more »

Try These 8 Tricks to Help Vegas Kids Love the Dentist

Teaching kids proper oral hygiene is necessary so they can take it with them as they grow old. Part of this is taking them to a Las Vegas dentist. But for most kids, the dental chair is like the witch’s den – unfamiliar and scary. Add to that the fact that somebody who is not their mom or dad is poking their mouth ......... more »

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Everyone in Vegas Should Check

In the hands of an expert cosmetic dentist Las Vegas, unattractive teeth and gums can be made beautiful as we see in hit shows like Extreme Makeover and The Swan. The goal of cosmetic dentistry is to improve the appearance of your mouth. Although it is not a necessity, cosmetic dentistry can bring a host of benefits, e......... more »

Las Vegas Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Along with other parts of the body, teeth are also prone to deterioration. Considering that no day passes without using teeth, it would be great to consider taking care of them or finding the best alternatives when they need to be replaced. One of the most common solutions are dentures. Although dentures do serve their......... more »

Las Vegas Dentists Help Give Confidence Back with Great Teeth

Confidence is always a plus when it comes to different goals. From career oriented ventures to various social situations, a healthy amount of confidence would push one towards positive outcomes. There are different physical factors that diminish this confidence; among the most common source of physical timidity are the......... more »

Dental Warning Signs Vegas Dentist Wants You To Never Ignore

Taking proper care of teeth goes far beyond physical purposes. Although not much thought is given to oral hygiene, it is important to pay more attention to dental health. According to Shape, research shows a link between oral problems and serious health conditions in the body so taking better care of teeth is a positiv......... more »

Vegas Dental Treatments: Invisalign vs. Traditional Braces

Like every part of the body, the teeth that you get is largely dictated by genes and random events. For some, a nice set of teeth occurs naturally but for others, it doesn’t. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, correcting a smile has become easier and more accessible. Of all the ways to fix a set of teeth, t......... more »

Las Vegas Dental Implants: Advantages and Other Information

Even though dental care has greatly improved, there are still millions of Americans losing their teeth because of tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. Bridges and dentures used to be the only treatment options for missing teeth until dental implants were introduced. Dental implants were the brainchild of Dr. Norman Gol......... more »

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist Las Vegas?

Dental emergency is defined as “an acute disorder of oral health that requires dental and/or medical attention” by the Medical Dictionary. If there is bleeding, laceration, dislodged or fractured teeth due to trauma, chances are you need immediate medical attention from an emergency dentist Las Vegas. Your conditio......... more »

Everything You Want to Know About Las Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry

When you see a person with perfectly white, even teeth, it’s hard to peel your eyes off their smile. You can have the same effect on people if you visit a dentist Las Vegas for cosmetic dentistry. The dentist can give the right solutions to correct your teeth color and overall appearance. There are different ways the......... more »

5 Reasons to Consider Vegas Cosmetic Dentistry

Decades ago, crooked teeth and other imperfections were ignored by many except perhaps some Hollywood stars. Now that cosmetic dentistry is more affordable, people started noticing its many benefits. Cosmetic dentistry includes several techniques aimed at improving the aesthetic appeal of the teeth. That is why it is a......... more »

Tips to Ease Your Fear of the Dentist

Dental fear is as common as fear of snakes & fear of heights. That’s according to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. According to the DSM, 4% of people have dental phobia. Fortunately, with the help of a compassionate cosmetic dentist Las Vegas you can do something to overcome you fear. What......... more »

Who Needs Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is most popular among adults aged 31 to 40 years, according to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. If you are one of those people who feel the need for the services of a cosmetic dentist Las Vegas, then you should be well-informed about the various ways dentistry is used......... more »

Improve Your Confidence with Zoom Teeth Whitening

White teeth increases your employability by 10% according to a study by Oral-B. It also helps you snag a first date. This is largely because a set of whiter and healthier teeth gives you more confidence. Teeth whitening Las Vegas clearly has lots of benefits including improved physical appearance and self-perception. P......... more »

What to Let Your Dentist Know Before a Sedation Dentistry Procedure

Do you avoid dental operations because of fear? Take heart. You are not the only one who fears the dental chair. 9% to 15% of Americans avoid seeing a Las Vegas dentist because of fear and anxiety, according to Colgate.  Considering that tooth cavities have serious complications like pain and difficult eating, it’s ......... more »

Why Go for CEREC Same Day Crowns?

Las Vegas dentists used to make dental crowns that take at least a month to complete. Thanks to CEREC, you can now have crowns installed in a single appointment at Vegas Smiles. But there’s more to it than just speed. Let’s look at this new technology more closely. What is CEREC? CEREC is an ACRONYM for Chairside......... more »

Laser Teeth Whitening: What are its Advantages?

Yellowing teeth can now look whiter with laser teeth whitening. A Las Vegas dentist can perform the procedure at Vegas Smiles. The first step is to clean the teeth by removing plaque, tartar, and bacteria. This also includes the application of a rubber shield to prevent any damage. Finally, your teeth will be exposed t......... more »

How Does Diabetes Affect Your Oral Health?

All parts of the body are vulnerable to the effects of diabetes. Your heart, your kidneys, and even your mouth can show symptoms of this disease. Diabetics are more sensitive to oral health problems such as dry mouth and gingivitis. Oral Health Problems Caused by Diabetes Diabetics are likely to have high blood sugar......... more »

Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Invisalign

Cosmetic dentists in Las Vegas cater to people who have dental deformities. The usual problems are overbites and crooked teeth. Clear braces or Invisalign is always a great choice for these situations. But let us set other things straight first. It actually works Invisalign is one of the newest innovations in dental......... more »

Scared to See a Dentist?

You are not alone.  According to research, about 8% of Americans avoid dentists because of fear.  In fact, some of them are not just simply scared to see a dentist.  20% have actually developed a phobia because of an unpleasant experience. The painful consequences Surprisingly, there are people who take certain me......... more »

Is Dental Sedation Safe for Your Child?

Growing children are prone to dental problems such as cavities.  However, it is also a fact that most of them are scared to have their teeth fixed by a dentist.  This is why sedation dentistry, Las Vegas is popular among younger patients.  To reduce their stress levels and for the dentist to work effectively, child......... more »

Foods and Drinks that Stain Your Teeth

Being a non-smoker does not save you from stained teeth.  There are actually some food and drinks which you consume on a daily basis that can cause staining.  So if you want to protect your smile, you need to be careful about the choices you include in your diet.  Here are some foods and beverages which you must lim......... more »

The Benefits of a Whiter, Brighter Smile

Most people desire to have a whiter smile and they are willing to do whatever it takes.  They invest in whitening treatments and over-the-counter products just to enhance their pearly whites.  These people are also extremely keen on avoiding food and beverages that can cause staining.  You may wonder, why are these ......... more »

Why Invisalign is Different

One of the main questions we field from our customers is "what is Invisalign and why is it different"? What is Invisalign? Invisalign is a newer technology that rivals braces.  It is a clear plastic retainer, which slowly guides the teeth into place.  Over time, you cycle through several retainers which gradually s......... more »

5 Benefits of Sleep Dentistry

Sleep dentistry is a new way to treat patients that have a fear of going to the dentist for treatment.  It provides anxiety-free dental care, which can lead to better overall treatment. About 45 million people in the US have fears about going to the dentist.  This can be caused because of a traumatic experience wh......... more »