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You might have heard your dentist mention teeth cleaning Las Vegas once or twice and have wondered why you need it. After all, you are already brushing your teeth regularly and flossing them religiously. What is the use of this procedure? A teeth cleaning is part of observing proper oral hygiene. It involves the removal of nasty plaque from your teeth to avoid cavities, gingivitis and development of periodontal diseases. Although your routine cleaning helps a lot in preventing these conditions, there are some plaque deposits that are stuck in hard to reach areas. You might also have some hardened deposits or tartar that cannot be removed simply by brushing your teeth. To have both of these taken out, you must see a dentist for a teeth cleaning.

Another reason why you should go for a teeth cleaning is it can help detect early signs of gum disease. Dental experts recommend that you should have your teeth deep cleaned at least once a year so your dentist can do a Comprehensive Periodontal Evaluation. During this test, a periodontal probe will be used to measure the depth of spaces between your teeth and gums. If they are deeper than 3 millimeters, you need deep cleaning. The evaluation process is completely painless and is necessary for every patient so they can maintain good oral health.

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Deep Cleaning and How It Is Done

During a regular teeth cleaning Las Vegas, your dentist only removes plaque and tartar above and below your gum line. Deep cleaning is a whole different process. In this procedure, the surface of your roots are included in the cleaning. This is called root planning.

Deep cleaning may also be recommended by your dentist if he thinks that your oral hygiene habits are not sufficient to manage a mild case of gingivitis. It is also an effective treatment for periodontitis. It is the best way to avoid abrasive treatments for gum disease which should be treated lest you suffer from loss of teeth.

Root planing is the most effective way to get rid of plaque and tartar from the roots of your teeth. It also gives your gums a smooth surface to cling to your teeth. Each session only takes at least an hour or two for every visit. A numbing gel or a local anesthetic is needed for the procedure.

In the past, instruments such as scalers and ultrasonic cleaners are used by dentists to remove plaque and tartar. Nowadays, they use laser for Las Vegas teeth cleaning. This causes less discomfort, bleeding or welling than the traditional method.

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Teeth Cleaning Las Vegas for Phobic Patients

If you have dental phobia and you need teeth cleaning Las Vegas, go to Vegas Smiles and meet our resident dentist, Dr. William Gussow. He is especially adept at taking care of phobic patients so that you experience the least pain and discomfort possible. Our warm and friendly staff are also available to take care of you during your visit. Aside from teeth cleaning, Dr. Gussow can also perform other cosmetic dentistry procedures such as laser teeth whitening and creating CEREC same day dental crowns.

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