Teeth Sensitivity: Causes and How to Fight It


Everything’s set on the dinner table and all seems fine and at that point you decided to drink a hot or cold beverage and then you suddenly felt a sharp ache shot directly on your tooth. If you are curious as to what hit you, it certainly is tooth sensitivity and we at Vegas Smiles have the answer. If you are experiencing a dental emergency in Las Vegas, come visit us at our office located at 4343 North Rancho and avail of our free sedation consultation. We have top of the line facilities and a friendly and accommodating staff that will willingly cater to your needs. If you want your questions answered before going, don’t hesitate to email us at info@vegassmiles.com or call us (702)395-7200.

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Teeth Sensitivity Causes

As little as each of our tooth looks, they are made up of even smaller parts. The visible portion of our tooth has an enamel layer which covers the softer dentine underneath it. If this dentine gets exposed, a tooth will become sensitive. This is otherwise known as dentin hypersensitivtiy. This most likely happens where our tooth and gums meet wherein the enamel layer is thinner. Brushing hard, tooth decay, dental erosions, acidic food, bad oral habits like teeth-grinding, and gum diseases are all contributory factors on our tooth’s enamel thinning. In the long run, our dentine becomes unprotected. It may happen while you’re at home, in the mall, or even at the casinos. If it does, don’t panic. For any Las Vegas dental Emergency, Vegas Smiles got your back. We have one of the best emergency dentist Las Vegas so you have nothing to worry about.

Emergency Dentist Las Vegas Got Your Teeth

Tooth sensitivity is not a lifelong struggle you have deal with. It is treatable. In fact, there toothpastes that are specifically manufactured for sensitive teeth. Although these are helpful, unfortunately these don’t work for everybody. Not every patient with sensitive teeth can rely on toothpaste alone. But worry not, when you feel like you are experiencing a sign of tooth sensitivity, contact Vegas Smiles. With one of the best Las Vegas emergency dentist, we’ll give your confidence back with great teeth!

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