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A female patient in Las Vegas having protection placed on her gums during a laser teeth whitening procedure.

Are you tired of constantly trying to hide your smile? If your stained teeth is affecting your life in negative ways, we have great news for you. At Vegas Smiles, we have a solution that will help you smile again with full confidence. A laser teeth whitening Las Vegas is the very thing that you need. In as fast as one procedure, you will walk out of our dental clinic with brighter teeth. The process is painless and effort-free on your end. All you need to do is sit back and relax for 30 minutes.

There are only a few steps involved in a Las Vegas teeth whitening procedure. First, we will place gingival protection on your gums. Once it is secured into place, we will apply LaserSmile gel on your teeth. This gel will then be laser-activated in short 15-second intervals and repeated as necessary. For the final step, the gel will be rinsed of your teeth and gum protection will be removed. See how simple the procedure is? You have absolutely nothing to worry about!

Preparing for a Las Vegas Teeth Whitening Procedure

In a teeth whitening procedure, all you need to do is sit back, relax and walk out of our Las Vegas dental clinic with a whiter smile.

First and foremost, you need to be ready financially. A Las Vegas teeth whitening is not covered by dental insurance policies so you will be paying for the procedure out of your own pocket. Expect to shed out a considerable amount as a teeth whitening in Las Vegas can be a bit costly. However, if you really think about it, the procedure is more practical than wasting money on products that aren’t always effective. To determine the exact price of you are going to pay, drop by our clinic for an initial visit.

Another important thing you should prepare is your schedule. Because the procedure is extremely quick, you don’t have to make huge adjustments. You can even go to our dental clinic during your break at work. But just to be safe, we recommend setting aside an hour or more for a Las Vegas teeth whitening.

Take note, the effects of the treatment will fade after a while if you don’t have a maintenance plan in place. To keep your white smile, you must avoid coffee, tea and food choices that will stain your teeth. Also, you need to use a whitening toothpaste and come back to our dental clinic every six months for a teeth whitening in Las Vegas.

Visit Us for an Effective Laser Teeth Whitening Las Vegas

A member of our Vegas Smiles team making a patient comfortable in a laser teeth whitening treatment.

What sets Vegas Smiles apart from other dental clinics in Las Vegas is that we care for our patients. We listen to their needs and we make sure that they are at ease before any dental procedure. If a Las Vegas laser teeth whitening makes you feel anxious, we want to assure you that you are in good hands. Our resident dentist, Dr. William Gussow, specializes in treating phobic patients and we also have an accommodating staff.

Aside from teeth whitening, we offer many other services like sedation dentistry, Invisalign straightening, teeth cleaning and CEREC same day crowns. If ever you experience a dental problem that needs urgent care, you can also find an emergency dentist in our clinic.