Tested and Proven Oral Hygiene Tips from Your Local Vegas Dentist


Personal oral hygiene can only be maintained by regular visits to the dentist. Make sure to have your set of pearly whites taken cared of not just by anybody but by well-experienced medical professionals. Here in Vegas Smiles, we offer various dental services that you can choose from. If you’re not sure where to start, you can come visit our office at 4343 North Rancho and avail of our free sedation consultation. For more inquiries, you can call (702) 395-7200 or send an email to info@vegassmiles.com.

Oral Home Care, Check With Your Dentist Las Vegas

How you take good care of your oral health at home is vital in determining the buildup rate of products that are responsible for gum diseases. Frequent brushers and flossers will last longer before needing another dental cleaning compared to people who only brush and floss their teeth once daily.

Another factor that can greatly affect our oral hygiene at home is how efficient we clean our teeth. Do we use the proper toothbrush? Do we brush our teeth effectively? There are guidelines that you have to follow when choosing the right toothbrush. You must check the box for an ADA seal. Also make sure that the bristles are not hard enough. Effective brushing means not rushing and rubbing your toothbrush back and forth for just a few seconds. It takes three minutes to efficiently brush your teeth. You can follow these tips in choosing the right toothbrush and how to brush your teeth effectively. You can also ask a dentist Las Vegas for help. Visit us at Vegas Smiles 4343 North Rancho for your dental needs.

Know Your Daily Oral Habits

Brushing your teeth can only do too much. You must know what are the daily normal habits you must avoid in order to keep your teeth on their healthiest condition. Some food can cause stains and sensitivity to our gums. Exercising can also cause a delayed stimulation of our saliva that can lead to bad breath and plaque buildup. These habits will determine your tooth’s features. If the enamel on your tooth will become less acid-resistant, the more prone it is to suffer tooth decay. That is why it is important to visit your dentist especially if you have habits that require you to have a dental cleaning. At Vegas Smiles, we offer free dental cleaning services that fits your need. Check our website for more information.

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