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[/cmsmasters_text][cmsmasters_quotes shortcode_id=”rz5miwwf88″ mode=”grid” columns=”3″ animation_delay=”0″][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”b8km76hbk” name=”Angel M.” subtitle=”Sep 28, 2019″]

The entire appointment from start to finish was awesome!

[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”l8o5ohbs3n” name=”Walter C.” subtitle=”Sept 26, 2019″]

You always leave this office with a smile. There work is that good.

[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”8n7t7u24l” name=”Barry C.” subtitle=”Sep 20, 2019″]

I very much enjoyed my first visit to your facility, All of the staff was very efficient and friendly. I look forward to my future visits, Barry L. Caceres


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”7isnwp625s” name=”Analie W.” subtitle=”Sep 18, 2019″]

As always, very happy, organized and truthful! They are all great and far surpassed other dentists and offices. And most importantly they are up to date in the latest technology! I am very impressed as I faithfully go to the dentist for a very long time!


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”fyykuxy4vf” name=” Michael M.” subtitle=”Sep 12, 2019″]

Quick in-n-out considering I got my six month’s cleaning and annual x-rays. Everything went smooth.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”fu4twr2uxz” name=”Luz N.” subtitle=”Sep 4, 2019″]



[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”w0zljr4hco” name=”James S.” subtitle=”Aug 20, 2019″]

As always, the staff at Vegas Smiles make my day . The caring attitude, and personalized service make you feel as if your dental needs were completed by a member of your own family. Well done! see you next time…


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”zqh6z5di2r” name=”Danielle B.” subtitle=”Aug 14, 2019″]

Loved everything about my visit. Staff was on time and everyone was very friendly.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”ajdmpnbc7f” name=” Jack F.” subtitle=”Aug 8, 2019″]

Everyone is the best to talk to and be with.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”tu7nj3sh1″ name=”Cindy H.” subtitle=”Jul 19, 2019″]

I was very pleased with my visit. The were very professional in all my needs. We have set up a plan to get the work I need done. I will be going back and will also refer friends.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”2t2fuf4mlu” name=”Gerald B.” subtitle=”Jul 10, 2019″]

I have been a patient at this office for a few years and the staff has always been great. They are very friendly, professional and gentle. I moved to the south part of town but still go out of my way to go to Vegas Smiles.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”yk3zukj62″ name=” Laurena S.” subtitle=”Jun 26, 2019″]

I value the services provided by Vegas Smiles. They are professional and pleasant from the moment you come into the office until you leave.

[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”0t2fkw2lor” name=”Sherry Y.” subtitle=”Jun 21, 2019″]

All of you do an outstanding job in everyway. I love the great email reminders & etc. The staff is definitely the very best.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”cyevrkb8om” name=”Sharlene M.” subtitle=”Jun 5, 2019″]

Best dentist and staff in Vegas. Personalized, honest service where you’re not just another $$ to them.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”lk3sjuvc1″ name=”Timothy G.” subtitle=”May 22, 2019″]

Very friendly environment


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”q7fcxprgrf” name=”Frederick C.” subtitle=”May 17, 2019″]

your staff is the very best, as are you!


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”btqrnxn4x” name=”Jill P.” subtitle=”May 10, 2019″]

I’m so happy we were referred to Vegas Smiles! Dr. Gussow and the entire staff are great… would not go anywhere else!


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”fjxyirohjk” name=”AK G.” subtitle=”May 9, 2019″]

“Las Vegas Smiles” is exactly that… From the moment you walk inside the door until you exit, you are met with smiles along your experience. Very up to date service, with the latest advances in technology. I walked in with a broken tooth and walked out with a new tooth on an impeded post. I watched the new tooth being shaped in this amazing little machine (A TRUE little SCULPTOR!) in front of my eyes through controlled by a 3D photo image on the computer screen that Dr. Gussow formed from photos of my teeth and gum line. I walked out with a new tooth within an hour and ‘almost’ a smile on my face that my numb lips did not let me fully form. Thanks’ to all the smiling young lady assistants associated with my experience and especially to Dr. Gussow for a painless experience.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”x826bce0yd” name=”Dennis B.” subtitle=”May 2, 2019″]

High Quality and professional


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”i6dxsskv4j” name=”Judith F.” subtitle=”May 1, 2019″]

I so love coming in to see you!!! Like many others i am not a fan of ANY Dr. but you all make me feel so comfortable and welcome! Thank you so much


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”oik70iwphw” name=”William L.” subtitle=”Apr 29, 2019″]

Everyone is always very friendly and professional as always a great experience.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”ddt2k6244b” name=” Penny H.” subtitle=”Apr 24, 2019″]

You have an amazing staff. All are friendly and do a great job. I think of you all like family


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”v42q62qoxn” name=”Dustin S.” subtitle=”Apr 22, 2019″]

Always amazing and caring.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”y8ld41fqnl” name=”Anita D.” subtitle=”Apr 5, 2019″]

You are all great and I am lucky to have found you since I am such a wimp!


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”j3kfmgxzm” name=”Olivia K.” subtitle=”Mar 13, 2019″]

As someone who dreads the dentist, I felt very comfortable. Staff was very nice!


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”kwne5v7acg” name=” Filomena P.” subtitle=”Mar 6, 2019″]

The best decision of my life was when I chose Vegas Smiles to be my dentist! Everyone is amazing and very friendly and actually really provided me with great customer service especially my doctor!!!! This should be 10 stars!!


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”ii1rvr747z” name=”Patrick B.” subtitle=”Feb 28, 2019″]

Truly enjoyed the experience. Everyone was friendly and professional. Teeth cleaning was the best I’ve ever had. Dr Gussow seems to really care and my family loves his level of care. There was an issue with bad breath but other family members say that has never happened with them so it must have been a one time thing.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”kmcb5nwwle” name=” Emily B.” subtitle=”Feb 21, 2019″]

Excellent office staff. Friendly and always willing to help. Great online communication.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”39rxvf3cv” name=”Thomas R.” subtitle=”Feb 6, 2019″]

I needed help quickly and you were able to accommodate. The work was done quickly and with your normal thoroughness and expertise.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”9x32cjj9yo” name=”Malisa R.” subtitle=”Jan 24, 2019″]

This office is filled with kind and supportive people. They make me feel comfortable and well cared for despite the anxiety I have over going to the dentist. My cleanings are fast and thorough, and I’m informed on what to expect at the next visit.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”82a778cr2x” name=”Eva H.” subtitle=”Jan 17, 2019″]

Dr. Gussow and staff are amazing!


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”lwl56rdbc” name=”Sharon S.” subtitle=”Jan 10, 2019″]

All of you are friendly and professional. Dr. Gussow is very professional and cares about your comfort during your visit. I have and will continue to recommend Vegas Smiles to anyone looking for a great dental office.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”n4ud57j2vk” name=”Deborah E.” subtitle=”Jan 4, 2019″]

So attentive and professional. They always want what is best for their patients.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”0tkskcqoaf” name=”Alice S.” subtitle=”Jan 3, 2019″]

I am always pleased with the very professional and friendly service I receive from Dr. Gussow and his staff. By profession, I train corporate leaders, and work privately with people interested in living and working to their greatest potential and am not afraid to speak my mind when necessary. I have not had to do this yet with any of you. Thank youi.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”bbwk0q4cp7″ name=”Mary W.” subtitle=”Dec 21, 2018″]

I have been going to Dr. Gussow for over 10 years and the whole team at Vegas Smiles is absolutely wonderful. Everyone is truly caring and attentive and works hard to make me feel like a very important client. I have always had a great experience whether coming in for a routine cleaning or extensive crown work. I highly recommend Vegas Smiles!


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”tl8z4bk5ae” name=”Romy K.” subtitle=”Dec 5, 2018″]

I’ve been avoiding the dentist for a few years now . . . glad I was able to choose Dr Gussow to get back on track! My friend referred him to me and she couldn’t be happier with her results. I’ll refer Dr Gussow to my family and friends now too! Thanks Dr G and Team.

[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”x2cgbg89r5″ name=”Sharlene M.” subtitle=”Dec 5, 2018″]

After bouncing around from dentist to dentist and not liking any of them, I found mine! Friendly and professional. Top notch service. You don’t wait hours, they don’t try to up sell everything to you. They help take care of your teeth, honestly and do it well.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”bbmbexojg” name=”Nancy R.” subtitle=”Nov 29, 2018″]

Totally excellent in every way


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”phku7nve1j” name=”John J.” subtitle=”Nov 8, 2018″]

Best Dentists office that I have ever been to ,great staff


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”wxlmn69lqj” name=”Jill P.” subtitle=”Nov 7, 2018″]

Everyone is always so positive, upbeat & thorough! Before Dr. Gussow, I hated going to the dentist… his forthright honesty and experience has given me the confidence to trust that I will be well taken care of every time! And I am.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”kqfl5i0up” name=” Tela H.” subtitle=”Nov 4, 2018″]

My visit was brief, but the cavity that I suspected was found.

[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”uco4ni8jcj” name=”Roger W.” subtitle=”Nov 3, 2018″]

Hey “Smiles Team” another great visit. Always very friendly, on time, and with smiles. Thanks again, Roger


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”f27on1ofg” name=”AK G.” subtitle=”Nov 2, 2018″]

As usual: friendly, pleasant, excellent service…


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”1qnfi1mqyv” name=” Donna P.” subtitle=”Nov 2, 2018″]

Have lived in Las Vegas my whole life and Vegas Smiles is the best dentistry in my opinion. Everyone is friendly, professional and has great knowledge of their trade. I’ve never had a bad experience and they get to know you which means a lot to me.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”wkk6tsgvaa” name=” Judith F.” subtitle=”Oct 31, 2018″]

I LOVE Dr. Gussow and his staff!! They all make you feel welcomed as soon as you walk through the door even!! Dr. Grussow takes his time to talk to you, answer questions and make you feel at ease!! Thank you


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”vmrclwcrw” name=”William L.” subtitle=”Oct 21, 2018″]

I am a first time patient as would rate the experience as 5 star


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”swzpzhfxw8″ name=”Dennis B.” subtitle=”Oct 18, 2018″]

Very professional and thorough examination. Thank you for you time Best Wishes I do not have anything else to say but I can’t close out without 20 characters recorded


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”g93sw891ep” name=”Penny H.” subtitle=”Sep 19, 2018″]

As always I had a great appointment. Cliff had an appointment after me and he did too. Your staff is always so friendly, helpful and good at their jobs. You are like family


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”031pmcbi9″ name=” James E.” subtitle=”Sep 3, 2018″]

All the staff and personnel are professional, efficient and pleasant. We are always cared for and fell comfortable each visit.


[/cmsmasters_quote][cmsmasters_quote shortcode_id=”xrixalf4ql” name=”Charles L.” subtitle=”Aug 17, 2018″]



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