Try These 8 Tricks to Help Vegas Kids Love the Dentist


Teaching kids proper oral hygiene is necessary so they can take it with them as they grow old. Part of this is taking them to a Las Vegas dentist. But for most kids, the dental chair is like the witch’s den – unfamiliar and scary. Add to that the fact that somebody who is not their mom or dad is poking their mouth with cold, weird instruments, your child will definitely think a trip to the dentist is a scary event. This can be a problem because they will likely need to see the dentist at least ten times before preschool. If your kid is one of those who want to hide each time they hear “dentist,” follow these steps to help them relax and love their dentist.

Start Early

The earlier you introduce your kid to the dentist, the easier it will be for them to love the dentist. It is best to start the visits as early as age 1 or when they get their first tooth.

Act Like it is a Natural Thing

Don’t make a fuss about their first dental visit. Special preparations may excite or agitate them, leading to a series of questions. Don’t talk about the possibility of extra treatments like a filling to prevent unnecessary nervousness.

Pick Your Words Carefully

Dentists advise against using negative words such as “shot,” “hurt,” and “pain” when talking about the dentist. Let the dental staff introduce their own vocabulary which would be more effective in helping your kids relax in difficult situations.

Never Take Them to Your Own Dentist Appointment

It is a huge mistake to bring your kids with you to your own dental visit. You might not realize it, but you might have some fear about that visit that they might sense and relate to.

Stay Calm

Your child might throw tantrums and that’s normal. Stay calm and remember that there are Las Vegas dentistry clinics that specialize in phobic and young patients. Let them guide you on what to do.

Don’t Bribe

Bribery will only increase your kid’s anxiety. Promising them some sweet treats is also contradictory to what the dentist will emphasize after the visit.

Explain the Importance of Oral Hygiene

Tell them it is a necessity and that they do not have a choice. The dentist’s help is needed to keep their teeth and mouth healthy so they can eat properly.

Enact a Dental Visit

Play pretend. Be the dentist and your child the patient. Hold up a mirror and show them how the dentist will look and check her teeth.

Kids are not born with a natural fear of the dentist. But there are things that you might be doing that triggers their dental anxiety. Get them to love their dentist by bringing them to a friendly, professional dentist in Las Vegas. Dr. William Gussow and his staff at Vegas Smiles specialize in phobic patients. They also offer cosmetic dentistry procedures like teeth whitening and CEREC same day crowns. Visit today for a free initial consultation.

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