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Achieve Great Oral Health With Sedation Dentistry (Las Vegas)

The best sedation dentistry Las Vegas helps in promoting oral health care. Taking care of your oral health requires more than brushing and flossing. It includes the mouth and everything inside it. Get to know the parts inside your mouth. Read on to understand their functions. See why regularly visiting your dentist aids in getting…
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How To Care For Your Dental Implants (Las Vegas)

Without proper care the dental implants Las Vegas dentists apply will go to waste. This is because like regular teeth, these also need proper care, if not more. Proper maintenance is key to making your implants last. Check out some important tips on cleaning your dental implants. See what kind of toothpaste is best for…
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Why Invisalign May Be Right for Me

How do you show that you are happy? Do you smile often when you are super happy? Many people worry about their smile and a smile can have many problems like misaligned or crooked teeth. Because technology is always advancing, there are now more than a few options to straighten misaligned teeth. Before people with…
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Expectations During an Appointment for Invisalign in Las Vegas

Talking about pain, when you go for metal braces the tightening sessions can be really painful. Imagine having to go through this many times over the course of your treatment which can take years to complete. Compared to how much traditional braces hurt, if you choose to get the Invisalign Las Vegas NV offers, you…
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Cosmetic Dentistry with Dr. William Gussow, DDS

Providing Different Procedures Extended Happy Smiles Cosmetic Dentistry Las Vegas has come a long way and new methods are becoming more readily available everyday. Your smile is so important to us at Vegas Smiles and we want to help you achieve your dreams of having the smile you have always wanted. Are you constantly hesitating…
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Can I Sleep During My Dental Visit?

ASK YOUR DENTIST ABOUT RELAXING DURING A HIGH ANXIETY VISIT SLEEPING DURING THE DENTIST Sedation medication can be used during a dental visit and can have an amnesic effect. The medication can cause the patient to barely remember some of the sights, smells, and sounds that they experienced during their visit. Some people are very…
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When to Ask about Sedation When Visiting Your Dentist

SEDATION DURING DENTISTRY Sedation dentistry may also be referred to as Sleep Dentistry or Relaxation Dentistry. When using sedation techniques, patients become more relaxed and the dentists are able to easily and efficiently work on sedated patients. This is the hallmark of a Las Vegas sleep dentist. Many people experience anxiety when attending their routine…
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